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Keep your water
supply clean​

Arizona Professional Plumbing wants to make sure that you are drinking the cleanest water possible. Let us test your water and install necessary water filtration systems.



Filtration systems can clean the water as it comes to your home or business. We'll help you determine what system will best suit your needs and property.

Provide your family or business with the cleanest water​



Many homes and business have drinkable water from their tap system, but that doesn't mean there aren't some impurities present. If you have public water, the Arizona Health Department will perform a water test for you and send you the results. Water supplied by a private source needs to be tested by an outside company.

Arizona Professional Plumbing has all the equipment to test your water for you and install any treatment systems that are necessary.


• Water testing
• Chlorination testing
• Water softeners
• Water filters
• Reverse osmosis systems
• Water distribution systems

Find out more about
filtration systems​

How safe is the water 
you are drinking?

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